Domestic Treatment Systems

Biological treatment is the best solution for domestic wastewater. ARITIM MUHENDISLIK builds complete units for the treatment of domestic wastewater. ARITIM MUHENDISLIK can build Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units with different dimensions. For city type settlements our company prepares advanced projects, but for small settlements standard Wastewater Treatment Units can be used.

Standard Biological Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units of ARITIM MUHENDISLIK are named as BIOTREATMENT and worked with Expanded Aeration Activated Sludge System.

There are two types of BIOTREATMENT Systems;

  • BIOTREATMENT-YK Betonarme Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units
  • BIOTREATMENT-YK Concrete Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units

  • BIOTREATMENT-P Iron Package Domestic Wastewater Treatment Units
  • BlOTREATMENT Systems are ideal solutions for; cooperatives, otels, motels, campings, residences, millitary unions, campuses, farms, holiday camps, building sites, factories, hospitals and towns.
  • BlOTREATMENT Systems are worked without scent, noise, and it needs small areas.
  • Wastewater which is discharged by BIOTREATMENT Systems can be used for irrigation.
  • Equipments of BIOTREATMENT Systems are imported by ARITIM MUHENDISLIK and has got TSEK certificate.
  • BIOTREATMENT Systems have 2 years guarantee for production, equipment and material faults, allt the maintenance services are given by ARITIM MUHENDISLIK
  • ARITIM MUHENDISLIK offers the most economical solutions with BIOTREATMENT Systems.