Industrial Waste Water Systems

Industries with different production processes need different solutions for wastewater treatment. Offering different solutions will be possible with technology, experiment and knowledge.

ARITIM MUHENDISLIK builds high quality industrial wastewater treatment units and water recycling units with its expertise and knowledge.

Before choosing the best wastewater treatment process for your company you should obtain some points;

  • The characterization of wastewater and treatability studies
  • Discharge environment standards
  • Investment and management costs
  • Land usage

ARITIM MUHENDISLIK produces steel and propilen tanks, aerators, mixers, grills, sieves, active carbon filters, sand filters, reverse osmosis units, water softening units in its workshop.

After the production and providing of equipments, mounting of Treatment Units are made by ARITIM MUHENDISLIK‘s staff. After this stage the units are delivered to the company.

At this stage the services of ARITIM MUHENDISLIK is not finish it continues with maintenance and spare part services.

ARITIM MUHENDISLIK has proved its quality by targeting discharge standards in the sectors like Metal, Textile, Food, Chemistry etc.

ARITIM MUHENDISLIK continues to give services to all industries and company and it targets standards of European Union.