Waste Water Recyling

It is known that the water resources are becoming less and for this reason lots of technologies are developed. Treatment of sea water is the most important technology. Reducing the amount of water used in the industries brings economical savings, but in many situations factories’ water need is occured. Nowadays wastewaters can be used after passing a Wastewater Treatment Unit. An important part of discharged water can be used by ARITIM MUHENDISLIK‘s Recycling Technologies. At this point observation of wastewater treatment units, design of appropriate recycling units, test unit design and real unit design are the fundamentals of the process

Textile Industry Recycling Systems

Treated waters are sent to the advanced waste water treatment unit, such as ozone generators, active carbone, electrocoagulation, reverse osmosis systems. Effluent is transmited to the factory and used again. In textile industry first of all test units are built and the performance is tested. After reaching the precise results the final units are started to build. For this reason our company is making an extensive study to build test units.

Metal Industry Recycling Systems

In Metal Industry wastewater is recovered for lots of processes. Wastewaters can be treated with a special system to remove phosphate, chrome, nickel, copper, cyanide, zinc etc. To this end our company make all the observations with its knowledge and expertise then designs the system which is best fit to your needs. These systems makes it possible to treat the wastewater and to remove metals from the water. Our units produce thousands of cubic meter water treated everyday.