Water Treatment

ARITIM MUHENDISLIK is using full automatic filtering systems to obtain potable and drinking water and industrial usage. All of the design, Project management, production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services are made by our engineers and technicians. Continue Membrane technology is one of the highest technologies of water treatment; it is ideal to solve many different water treatment problems. Continue With more than 20 years of experience in the environmental technologies, research and development activities and modern systems, ARITIM MUHENDISLIK becomes one of the important companies of the world in water treatment sector. Continue ARITIM MUHENDISLIK’s Ion Exchange Units makes it possible to reach the high water standards in different industries. These systems are resinous and can be used singular or with Reverse Osmosis Units. The design of Ion Exchange Units needs experiment and knowledge. Continue Water treatment technologies are used to provide process water for different industries. ARITIM MUHENDISLIK develops industrial solutions with low budgets. Continue